Hydrotherapy at Balanced

At Balanced we believe in tailoring our therapies to suit each individual clients needs at any given time.

Scientific studies have shown that hydrotherapy can improve the strength and general fitness of individuals who use this type of treatment.

Hydrotherapy can be tailored to the specific needs of each individual and provides users with an opportunity to build up their strength and flexibility with an increased level of ease.

The key element that makes hydrotherapy an effective treatment is the extra support that the water provides individuals looking to undertake more exercise. Finally, hydrotherapy is well regarded as one of the safest forms of treatment to alleviate pain and strengthen your body. If you are looking to benefit from this treatment please visit our excellent Hydrotherapy facility at the Oriam, Heriot Watt.

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Physical Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Exercise is non or partial weight bearing as the buoyancy of the water supports the weight of the body. The pressure of the water reduces swelling and gives relief from pain and stiffness. The warm water reduces muscle spasm and promotes relaxation. Improved range of motion can be obtained in water, and fitness improved. Our access to the underwater treadmill at ORIAM allows normal walking and running but with reduced weight bearing , allowing very early rehabilitation from injury, or allowing gait for those who struggle to walk on land. This is a very effective way to improve fitness, strength, balance and co-ordination. Circulation is stimulated. Balance practice in the water has a good effect on land, as does muscle strengthening because as well as supporting the body the water can be used for resistance. Muscle can be re-educated, and endurance improved. 

After each individual hydrotherapy session you should feel that you have worked towards your treatment goals. After completing a course of hydrotherapy you will feel that you are able to move with more confidence and enjoyment . Group exercise in the water is a safe, enjoyable and relaxing way to achieve your goals and feel better. There are psychological as well as physical benefits from exercising in the water and in a group, and these benefits inform and enhance physical recovery. You are very welcome to join us in Hydrotherapy at Balanced, and I will happily chat through any queries you might have.

Psychological well-being

From a psychological standpoint there is much to recommend hydro. Hydrotherapy in practice involves an ever-present element of recreation. This is one of its key advantages over land-based treatments. Psychological well -being can be achieved more than with any other treatment.

The therapeutic element of exercise in water is enhanced by it’s also being enjoyable.  The social and psychological impact can be considerable. The ability to be independent in water, to achieve skills that may be difficult or impossible on land, can only have favourable and lasting psychological effects, which boost confidence and morale, and these can be carried over into life on land.

The sedative effect of warm water and the values of water based exercise for those affected by mental illnesses have long been recognised (Wilson and Kasch 1963; Kraus, 1973).

The skills learned in the pool can be transferred to everyday life as the muscles become accustomed to the movement or the message to the brain developed.

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