Ben Brown

Pilates Studio Teacher since 2001, BSc (Hons) REPS

Balanced Company Director


A registered exercise professional qualifying in Pilates with the world renowened Lynne Robinson of Body Control Pilates in 2001. Vast experience with all levels of clients and working within a physiotherapy practice or elite sport set-up. Experience in elite sports from football, rugby, tennis, golf, ice skating, lacrosse and more. Experience in remedial exercises for back care, multiple sclerosis and cancer rehabilitation. In addition, experience with bespoke supportive exercise programmes for all areas of the body for a wide array of clients and experience working from direct referrals from surgeons and doctors to self referring patients or athlete goal programmes.. 

I want the best for my clients and often draw on the expertise of others to work out the best way forward. I aim to educate as I teach with the hope that as the client becomes informed they engage in the process and are more likely to do the work needed to get results. My aim is not just to help where might be painful or where to improve but to look at the overall picture, about how we came to this point and what small changes could be made to speed up the goal, but also to prevent reoccurance. Whether it is recovery or prevention I can help you acheive your goals. If that is digging the garden or winning a gold medal all are acheivable, it just comes down to the determination to acheive it. As a director of Balanced we have set this company up to help you, with a team of professionals who all have the same aim as you do. Our success is your results.