connor Bentley

Massage Therapist


Connor has always had a strong passion for fitness and well being. Connor participated in a variety of sports from a young age including rowing, rugby and athletics and has personally experienced a long term recurring back injury during his early college years. Having gone through and understanding the frustration of trying to return from injury and the various hurdles that inevitably come along the way, it led him to wanting to pursue a career in helping others in similar situations. This path then took him onto to qualifying in sports, deep tissue and remedial massage.

Connor has experience treating athletes of all levels including dancers, hockey and rugby players, runners and other members of the public; this has enabled him to gain extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal injuries whether they are sports, hobby or work related.

His treatment approach includes manual therapy techniques that are focused on freeing up and increasing the range of motion and improving the general well being of individual clients.


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