Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist


Daz is a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher and Sports Massage Therapist. He believes  in having a personalised approach to achieving optimal holistic wellbeing. With a background in Strength and Conditioning and Pilates, the training he delivers is not only geared at improving your health and fitness, but also making you better prepared physically and mentally to tackle the realities of modern life. He works  to ensure that your body moves and works the way nature intended it to, in balance, via intelligent, bespoke programme design and exercise instruction. To this end, he listens and works closely with each of his clients pushing and developing their physical prowess in a sustainable, functional and enjoyable manner.

He is also a strong believer in the power of good nutrition and lifestyle and helps his clients to gradually adopt healthier patterns whilst providing assistance and guidance along their health and well-being journey. 

Loving what he does and both internalising and living the concept of lifelong learning, his mission is to bring about positive changes in the physical health and wellbeing of each of his clients and help improve their overall quality of life.

When he's not busy working with clients in the studio or gym, daz plays guitar in a band, can be found doing his best "Warrior" Yoga pose or is often outdoors in the scenic parts of the city.

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