Emma Walker

Massage Therapist


Emma Walker obtained a BSc Sport and Exercise Science; Sport Injuries in 2016, however started working with us from April 2015.

With over 5 years of massage experience under her belt, Emma understands the importance of a high standard treatment, tailored to each client. Having studied Sports Science, she understands the fundamentals, of psychology, physiology and the biomechanics of you which she puts into practice through your treatment. 

Emma offers a wide variety of treatments to a wide range of clients that can benefit not only one at a time, but which can be integrated into a single treatment when required. She has treated a lot of conditions but has a particular interest in symptoms that can be helped using Manual Lymphatic Drainage (swollen limbs, sinus and headache issues, lymphedema and other conditions).

The treatments that Emma offers are; Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, Pregnancy massage, Sports massage, Kinesiology Taping and Medical Acupuncture. 

Emma is often found out at sea zipping around on the forth, or enjoying some “me time” swimming or Pilates.