fiona boynton

Massage Therapist


Fiona Boynton: N.I.M, C.I.M.I,  CIDESCO, C.O.N.F.E.D, Fiona has 27 years experience in Massage and Beauty Therapy, The Park School 87-89 and 20 years experience in Remedial Massage and Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy, Lymph Drainage, The Northern Institute 98; and is a qualified Infant Massage Instructor. Elizabeth Garret Anderson Hospital, London

Fiona began her career setting up the salon In Cameron House Hotel before moving to Bermuda. Her career involved heading a team of therapists in one of the Islands most prestigious Clinics before retraining in Remedial and Advanced Remedial Massage Therapy with Eddie Caldwell at The Northern Institute. Fiona gained experience working with Blackpool football club. Returning to Bermuda, Fiona joined The Fitness Firm. Working with professional athletes as well as MS patients Autistic Children and all manner of musculoskeletal issues.

Fiona moved to the Middle East and continued to work with occupational injuries and Infant Massage Instruction for local charities.

Fiona joined the Balanced team in Sep 2017, focusing of all manner of Musculoskeletal Issues. The aim of Remedial Massage Therapy by Fiona is leaving the Clnic,  feeling better than when you arrived. To alleviate chronic or acute pain and work along side our team of highly qualified health professionals to cross refer when necessary to ensure the best outcome for each person. Each treatment is evaluated by listing carefully  to the clients musculoskeletal issue and working out a treatment plan that gets the most effective results.  It is a highly unique treatment with unique results.