John Guthrie

BSc MChS Queen Margaret University, 1998

Patient care within Musculoskeletal Podiatry for twenty years.


John graduated from Queen Margaret University University in 1998. John has been providing patient care within Musculoskeletal Podiatry for twenty years.

Since graduating he has worked for premier clinics in London, returning to Edinburgh in 2005.

John is one of Balanced’s longest standing practitioners having joined the team in 2009, bringing his knowledge to enhance care. Conditions successfully treated can be of a degenerate nature such as tendonopathies and foot and knee “wear and tear” problems.

John is also proficient at diagnosing and offering help with "growing pains" in young people. This has been an integral part of his ten years as part of the team at Balanced. His role includes identifying areas of mechanical stress and providing custom or semi customised orthoses to “offload the tissues involved.

John is a great lover of the outdoors and enjoys fishing, cycling and hillwalking in Scotland.

He is an avid traveller and pursues his love of culture abroad. He has extensive knowledge of power training having been involved in sport at all ages internationally. The experience gained from this is reflected in his approach and management of conditions.