MCSP; Reg HCPC; BSc Physiotherapy 1991 Queen Margaret University

Balanced Company Director


Judith has 27 years of post-graduate Physiotherapy experience, initially working in the NHS before setting up her own private practice in 2003. She is one of 2 Directors at Balanced, one of the largest most established private practises in Edinburgh. Judith was team Physiotherapist at Edinburgh Accies Rugby Club from 1994 to 2004.

Over her many years’ experience Judith has treated most conditions but has a particular interest in working with children or teenagers who have sport related conditions; people who have more complex or multiple areas of pain; and people who have occupation related problems. She holds additional post graduate qualifications in Acupuncture; Bowen Technique; Ergonomics; and the Neuromuscular Approach to Human Movement.

Judith qualified as an Apostherapist in February 2015 and recently trained as an Apostherapy practical trainer. Apostherapy is a unique biomechanical device that is clinically proven to reduce pain and stiff plus increase function in patients with chronic pain in their weight bearing joints e.g Osteoarthritis of the knee. She also regularly works with companies to reduce their staff injury and sickness  levels through better moving and assisting, ergonomic advice and occupational health Physiotherapy.

Judith is often found at the side of a rugby pitch, no longer working but watching her 2 teenage boys play. She enjoys walking her lively dog Jura and likes a mixture of somewhat casual exercise including Pilates, cycling and gym work.

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