Massage Therapist

Lindsay is currently in her third year of studying Applied Sport Science (BSc) at The University of Edinburgh and gained her ITEC level 3 diploma in sports massage during her studies. Treatments provided by Lindsay include sport and remedial massage.

Her experience includes her current role as sports massage therapist for Edinburgh University Women’s Association Football Club and Edinburgh University Hutchison Vale Football Club and she has worked in Balanced providing massage treatments since January 2018.

Lindsay enjoys helping others achieve their goals which she applies to her sports coaching roles in Taekwondo as well as her massage treatments. Being involved in sport from a very young age, Lindsay understands the importance of massage in injury prevention, recovery, and ensuring your muscles are in the best condition possible for your sport or any kind of physical activity.

As well as sports massage Lindsay provides general deep tissue massage treatment for those of us who have general muscle tension/ ongoing muscular issues caused by things such as sitting at a desk daily, long periods of driving, and the general stresses that every-day life can sometimes give us.

Lindsay likes to tailor her massage treatments to each individual person in order to achieve client goals in the most efficient way possible. ‚Äč


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