Maternity & Women's Health

At Balanced we believe in tailoring our therapies to suit each individual clients needs at any given time.

At Balanced, Women's healthcare covers a wide range of female specific conditions such as pregnancy; menopause; Gynaecological conditions; painful sex; continence issues; and female related cancers or surgery. Our aim is to treat you as a whole, taking into account the fact that your treatment path and progress may be affected by your hormones; mental health issues; lifestyle factors; or finding time for yourself while supporting your family. Our therapists will show empathy and understanding while ensuring treatment is effective and goals are achievable.

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Women's Health Physiotherapy

This is a highly specialised area within Physiotherapy that is highly effective at reducing incontinence and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. With permission, the female Physiotherapist may assess your pelvic floor muscles internally to determine their strength and endurance. A specific exercise or bladder control programme can then be tailored to each person.

Women’s’ health Physiotherapists also treat pre and post -natal aches and pain such as pelvic girdle pain; pubic symphysis dysfunction; diastasis recti (split tummy muscles); and menopause related pelvic pain. Through exercise, hands on treatment and functional or postural advice, we can help you to continue living life to the full, feeling strong and in control of your health.

PHYSIOTHERAPY has up to an 80% cure rate for Incontinence and is the frontline treatment for managing Prolapse. Free 15 minute post-natal Physio checks are available to assess whether or not you need further treatment for continence, pelvic pain or diastasis recti.

Women's Health Pilates

Some of the Pilates team at Balanced have undergone specialised training to ensure they are safe and effective in the treatment of pre and post-natal pelvic pain and muscle imbalances. Pregnancy unavoidably creates a lengthening of the abdominal muscles and places pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. Balanced Pilates will help you to train your muscles to cope with your ever changing posture and the stresses that put son your core muscles.

Pregnancy, labour or a Caesarean section all create muscle imbalances due to stretched, shortened  or damaged  soft tissue. This and the addition of nursing and caring for your baby (especially as they get heavier) can put additional strains on your posture and muscle control.

Balanced offer Mums and Mums-to-be several Pilates based training options. 1:1 sessions , small group Pilates studio work and ante/post-natal Pilates classes.  

Pilates is also the perfect form of exercise for woman passing through the menopause, helping to maintain muscle mass and strength and building bone density that is often lost through lack of oestrogen. Plus you don’t have to get hot and sweaty!

Balanced are also very experienced in offering poste operative Pilates based rehab for Gynaecological surgery, Mastectomy and female cancer treatments. By setting you achievable goals; working out within a positive environment; and offering you the benefit of our expertise, we feel confident you will be feeling free, stronger and more energised.

 Balanced currently offer free Pilates classes for females living with cancer. These are organised through Maggie’s centre and are likely to have a waiting list. Free 15 minute screening appointments with a Physio are always recommended before embarking on a Woman’s health Pilates exercise programme. 

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Pregnancy Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes £53
45 minutes £42
30 minutes £33

1:1 1hr    £55
Pre/Post Natal Class (8wks) £94.50

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Women's Health Physiotherapy
Initial Assessment (up to) 1 hr £75

Follow Up £60

Nutritional Therapy

Under the direction of a nutritionist, changing what you eat or providing your body with nutritional supplements will ensure your body is getting exactly what it requires to cope with the hormonal and physical changes relating to woman’s health. An in depth consultation to discuss symptoms enables the nutritionist to tailor make an eating plan that supports your systems, ensures you are getting a balanced diet and alters your body chemistry to relieve unwanted hormonal symptoms and boost energy.

Pregnancy Massage

Treatment and pressure is adapted throughout each trimester and often uses other techniques such as gentle stretching or light lymphatic drainage. Extra pillows are used to support your body and to ensure you get the full relaxation benefits of the massage. Foot and calf massage is also a lovely way to ease tired and painful feet or relieve swollen ankles. Massage may also help ease aches and pains after the birth of your baby.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

An excellent, clinically proven way to reduce swelling in the foot/ankle or hand/wrist areas during the last trimester of pregnancy. Safe, relaxing and effective!

Also proven to reduce swelling due to lymphoedema following  lymph node removal.

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