meghan burns

Pilates Instructor and Reception


Meghan was first drawn to Pilates in 2007 to help rehabilitate a shoulder injury and improve her posture. Amazed at the results and impressed with all the additional benefits, she was hooked.

“I was so amazed at how quickly I felt and saw results when I began taking regular Pilates classes. From pain relief and injury rehabilitation,to improved posture and balance, and increased strength and flexibility, the physical benefits of Pilates are impressive. But the greatest and most unexpected benefit for me was stress relief. The focus on precision and control and the use of breath to facilitate movement really do help train the brain as well as the body. The mental and physical health benefits of Pilates are huge and I’m excited to share them.”

Meghan received her first Pilates instructor certification in 2016 with Power Pilates NYC. With her dual Canadian and British citizenship, Meghan moved to Edinburgh in 2017 to continue her Pilates education with Body Control Pilates UK.

Meghan joined Balanced Edinburgh in late 2017 as a part-time member of our administration and marketing team. As of summer 2018, she will also be teachingPilatesclasses at both the Stockbridge and Royal Burgess studios.

In addition to Pilates, Meghan loves yoga, barre and cycle classes and is an avid sailor.