Nora Struckmeier

REPs Level 3

Studio and Matwork Instructor, Barre Concept Teacher


Nora discovered Pilates 10 years ago during rehabilitation from a running injury. She has been hooked ever since and is convinced Pilates balanced her marathon training and helped her over the finish line all 4times.

Nora firmly believes Pilates is for everyone and went on to train as a teacher with Body Control in London. Nora has also trained with Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute and Pilates Union.  

Nora fully advocates that Pilates brings balance within the body, and that movement is fundamental to health and wellbeing. She believes that Pilates should be fun and challenging at all levels and that increased body awareness and precision come with regular Pilates practise.  

Nora always ensures that her clients understand that good technique is key for achieving the results.  Nora has worked with a wide range of clients with a variety of goals, injuries, medical conditions, and of all ages and stages.  She strives to ensure everyone gets the maximum from their Pilates sessions.

Nora is also a qualified a Barre Concept Teacher - a method combining ballet, pilates, yoga and fitness training. This challenging workout is popular amongst celebrities and promises great results.

Nora loves running, cycling and high intensity training.  Always on the lookout for a challenging event she freely admits she wouldn’t be able to do as much without her regular pilates practise (and certainly would never have recently mastered being in clip-in cycling shoes for the ETAP)! Nora also loves spending time with her children and family and friends and really being as active as possible!