Massage Therapy at Balanced

At Balanced we believe in tailoring our massage therapy to suit each individual clients needs at any given time.

Our massage therapists won’t simply run through a routine of techniques but will assess exactly what muscles your body needs worked on and adapt their pressure accordingly. Working on specific muscle groups  provides a well-rounded treatment and long term fix if you have aches and pains. The massage department is overseen by the physiotherapy team to ensure you receive only the highest care and attention. 

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What is your best Treatment?

To ensure that we team you up with your ideal massage therapist, please let reception know what type of treatment you are looking for.
Remedial/ Therapeutic Massage - A more clinical massage where the therapist is treating a specific condition - assessing and palpating different muscles to determine where the pain is and how tight the tissues are. There will be sections of the massage that involve deep tissue work and may also include stretches, dry needling or muscle energy techniques.        

Sports Massage – A massage designed to release muscles pre/ post exercise or due to sport related injury. The therapist will be working on specific muscles, taking into account the stresses that the individual's sport may put on their body. It may also involve stretches, exercises and advice on return to sport after an injury.

Relaxation Massage - Designed to promote relaxation of muscles, reduce stress/ anxiety and promote a general feeling of well-being. This massage should not be painful but you still feel your soft tissues have been manipulated. Can help promote deep relaxation and improve sleep while reducing general muscle tension.  Swedish and Hot Stone massage are available.

Lymphatic Drainage – A light touch treatment that targets the lymphatic system. This system helps remove fluid from our body; remove waste products; and transfer our white blood cells which are part of our immune system.

Pregnancy Massage- A relaxing massage using techniques and oils that are safe for you and your baby during pregnancy. Not recommended in the first trimester. In the last trimester this massage can be carried out in side lying.

Massage Booking & Pricing

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