Back Care

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9 Weeks of Back Care Pilates Classes with Nora Struckmeier

Level Back Care
Dates 07 Mar 2019 to image 07 May 2019
Class Time Thursday, 10:00AM
Duration 9 Weeks
Cost £106.00
Capacity 12
Instructor Nora Struckmeier

Class Dates

Thursday, 07 Mar 10:00AM
Thursday, 14 Mar 10:00AM
Thursday, 21 Mar 10:00AM
Thursday, 28 Mar 10:00AM
Thursday, 04 Apr 10:00AM
Thursday, 11 Apr 10:00AM
Thursday, 18 Apr 10:00AM
Thursday, 25 Apr 10:00AM
Thursday, 02 May 10:00AM

About this Class Level

This class is for clients who have been cleared to exercise by their physio / practitioner. It will re-educate you over muscle use, balance and control of movements. It is the perfect follow-on from your physio based exercises. The class will be led by a senior instructor with experience of back related injuries.

General Class Information

At Balanced we operate our classes in a unique way for your benefit. Classes are run in blocks for continuity and to ensure you progress. You can cancel and rebook your class online to ensure you don't miss a week. All your medical details are available for the instructor to see to make sure you are getting the best possible care and attention. You also have a supervising physiotherapist who will be checking your progress and well-being.

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