Beginner / Improver

Welcome to your new Pilates block of classes.
9 Weeks of Beginner / Improver Pilates Classes with Susan Welsh

Dates 05 Mar 2019 to image 05 May 2019
Class Time Tuesday, 10:35AM
Duration 9 Weeks
Cost £106.00
Capacity 7
Instructor Susan Welsh
Members 15% Discount

Class Dates

Tuesday, 05 Mar 10:35AM
Tuesday, 12 Mar 10:35AM
Tuesday, 19 Mar 10:35AM
Tuesday, 26 Mar 10:35AM
Tuesday, 02 Apr 10:35AM
Tuesday, 09 Apr 10:35AM
Tuesday, 16 Apr 10:35AM
Tuesday, 23 Apr 10:35AM
Tuesday, 30 Apr 10:35AM

About this Class Level

If you have particular injuries or pains, or you are concerned about moving up to the Improver level, this class is perfect for you, repeating some of the original content of the beginners block, and branching out a little further, working at a level suitable for most injuries or pains and strains. Also suitable for people starting out, having had some basic Pilates experience before.

General Class Information

At Balanced we operate our classes in a unique way for your benefit. Classes are run in blocks for continuity and to ensure you progress. You can cancel and rebook your class online to ensure you don't miss a week. All your medical details are available for the instructor to see to make sure you are getting the best possible care and attention. You also have a supervising physiotherapist who will be checking your progress and well-being.

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