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8 Weeks of All Levels Reformer Classes with Nora Struckmeier

Dates 09 Jan 2019 to image 04 Mar 2019
Class Time Wednesday, 11:05AM
Duration 8 Weeks
Cost £140.00
Capacity 4
Instructor Nora Struckmeier

Class Dates

Wednesday, 09 Jan 11:05AM
Wednesday, 16 Jan 11:05AM
Wednesday, 23 Jan 11:05AM
Wednesday, 30 Jan 11:05AM
Wednesday, 06 Feb 11:05AM
Wednesday, 13 Feb 11:05AM
Wednesday, 20 Feb 11:05AM
Wednesday, 27 Feb 11:05AM

About this Class Level

One of the Pilates Apparatus created by Joseph Pilates, used to add a host of new Pilates exercises, as well as new and different versions of Matwork exercises. The reformer gives us a whole new awareness of body alignment and movement, adding adjustable resistance to offer either support for exercises you are struggling with, or to increase the difficulty of acquired skills. * Beginner - this class is for anyone new to the studio equipment, the reformer is an excellent tool for rehabilitation as it offers support and guidance for the body during exercise. Here you will learn how to use the machine safely, and how to adjust the machine for various sets of exercises. * Intermediate - you must have participated in the beginner's reformer course to attend this class, or have previous experience through studio sessions. A basic understanding of the workings of the reformer will be advanced into more complex choreographies and exercises. * Advanced - a very challenging workout involving a selection of the most difficult exercises to master on the reformer, with a great demand on core strength, balance and skill. Guaranteed to improve your Classic Matwork abilities!

General Class Information

At Balanced we operate our classes in a unique way for your benefit. Classes are run in blocks for continuity and to ensure you progress. You can cancel and rebook your class online to ensure you don't miss a week. All your medical details are available for the instructor to see to make sure you are getting the best possible care and attention. You also have a supervising physiotherapist who will be checking your progress and well-being.

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