Practitioners & Instructors

At Balanced we care and we make sure that our team is the best possible to ensure we live up to that. Our practitioners and trainers are highly experienced and their role is to help support your improvement in any way they can.

Image for Judith Paterson

Judith Paterson

Balanced Director | Physiotherapist | AposTherapist

Image for Ben Brown

Ben Brown

Balanced Director | Pilates Instructor

Image for Julie McKinna

Julie McKinna

Practice Manager

Image for Sinead McIntyre

Sinead McIntyre

Physiotherapist | AposTherapist | Head of Pilates | Pilates Instructor

Image for David Gibson

David Gibson

Head of Physiotherapy | Physiotherapist | AposTherapist

Image for Alix Ronaldson

Alix Ronaldson

Physiotherapist | Pilates Instructor | Massage Therapist

Image for Angela Carstens

Angela Carstens

Physiotherapist | Pilates Instructor

Image for Carrie Quinn

Carrie Quinn

Physiotherapist | Pilates Instructor

Image for Connor Bentley

Connor Bentley

Massage Therapist | Administrator

Image for Daz Bokhari

Daz Bokhari

Pilates Instructor | Personal Trainer

Image for Emma Walker

Emma Walker

Massage Therapist

Image for Eilidh Fletcher

Eilidh Fletcher

Massage Therapist | Administrator

Image for Eva Papandreougti

Eva Papandreougti


Image for Fiona Boynton

Fiona Boynton

Massage Therapist

Image for Gillian Forrester

Gillian Forrester


Image for Jackie Rochmankowska

Jackie Rochmankowska

Physiotherapist | Pilates Instructor

Image for Jack Stevenson

Jack Stevenson

Massage Therapist

Image for Julie Kealy

Julie Kealy


Image for John Guthrie

John Guthrie

Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

Image for Jo-Lee French

Jo-Lee French

Pilates Instructor

Image for Juliet Shaw

Juliet Shaw


Image for Jordan Clemson

Jordan Clemson


Image for Kate Swaine

Kate Swaine

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Image for Lisa Niven

Lisa Niven

Pilates Instructor | Physiotherapist

Image for Lindsay McGowan

Lindsay McGowan

Massage Therapist

Image for Luca Piazza

Luca Piazza


Image for Meghan Burns

Meghan Burns

Pilates Instructor | Administrator

Image for Nora Struckmeier

Nora Struckmeier

Pilates Instructor

Image for Shaun Churchill

Shaun Churchill

Massage Therapist

Image for Sonia Virdi

Sonia Virdi

Pilates Instructor

Image for Susan Welsh

Susan Welsh

Pilates Instructor

Image for Tom McKeever

Tom McKeever


Image for Jill Lynn

Jill Lynn

Head Receptionist

Image for Caroline Reid

Caroline Reid

Apos Administration

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